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15 Jul 2018Sun PMGerald FielderAct 27:14-29Storms and Serving Christ are Inevitablte
15 Jul 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 32:15-29Who is on the Lords Side
11 Jul 2018PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 5:2-10It can't be a Mixture
8 Jul 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonHebrews 10:38By Faith
8 Jul 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 147:1Praise Ye The Lord
4 Jul 2018PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 5:1-13Truth about Liberty
1 Jul 2018Sun PMRay Caudle JrIsaiah 55:6Seek ye the Lord
1 Jul 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 119:17-24A DOSE of the Word of God
27 Jun 2018PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 4:11-18A Study in Galatians part 7
24 Jun 2018Sun PMTony RoaAct 11:19-26They Were Called Christians
24 Jun 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 22The Suffering Savior
20 Jun 2018PrayerGeorge SmithEzekiel 33,34How about the Pastor
17 Jun 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGenesis 17:1-5A Father Who Made a Difference
17 Jun 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 44:18-34Every Child Needs A Father Like That
13 Jun 2018PrayerClaude SuttonGalatians 4A Study in Galatians part 6
10 Jun 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonEphesians 2:1-7A Look at the Past Present and Future of Every Christian
10 Jun 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 1Building Blocks for Life
6 Jun 2018PrayerJames AndersonAct 1:11This Same Jesus
3 Jun 2018Sun PMEddie Sutton2 Corithians 13:11Farewell
3 Jun 2018Sun AMEddie Sutton2 Timothy 4:6-7Departing Words
30 May 2018PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 5:2-12, Revelation 14:3Lifes Last Beatitude
27 May 2018Sun PMClaude Sutton2 Timothy 2:3-4A Soldier
27 May 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 3:13-17Gods Memorial
20 May 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonRomans 1:20-32The Path to Perversion
20 May 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonLuke 17:1-4Practical Lessons
16 May 2018PrayerClaude SuttonPsalm 25:1-5Ashamed or not Ashamed
13 May 2018Sun PMClaude Sutton1 ThessaloniansThe Return of the Lord
13 May 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 90:9-12A Mothers Passing
9 May 2018PrayerClaude SuttonAct 1:8The Power of the Holy Spirit
6 May 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 84:10-12A Day
6 May 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 15:22-27Lessons About Ourselves
2 May 2018PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 1:13-14Riches from the Holy Spirit pt 2
29 Apr 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 34:3-9Blessed
29 Apr 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 15:22-27Lessons for Life
25 Apr 2018PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 1:13-14Riches from the Holy Spirit
22 Apr 2018Sun PMMonty MartinNehemiah 8Sacred Pulpit
22 Apr 2018Sun AMMonty MartinHebrews 9:1-12The Ark of Promise
22 Apr 2018Sun AMMonty MartinRevelation 21:27Lambs Book of Life
18 Apr 2018PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 1:7-12Riches (3)
15 Apr 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 3A Study from Galatians part 5
15 Apr 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonExodus 4:8-9Faith Promise Missions Giving Commitment
11 Apr 2018PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 1:7-12Riches from the Father (2)
8 Apr 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonIsaiah 16:1-3As a Wandering Bird part 2
8 Apr 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonIsaiah 16:1-3As a Wandering Bird part 1
4 Apr 2018PrayerEddie SuttonLuke 15:10-32What is your Attitude
1 Apr 2018Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Corinthians 11:18-34The Lord Supper
1 Apr 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn11:1-6 14:36Jesus The Resurrection and the Life
28 Mar 2018PrayerClaude SuttonEphesians 1:3-7Riches from the Father part 1
25 Mar 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 2A Study from Galatians part 4
25 Mar 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 12:12-19Palm Sunday
18 Mar 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 2A Study from Galatians part 3
18 Mar 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 5:6Lessons About Jesus
14 Mar 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonLuke 11:19,Psalms 86:3Importunity
11 Mar 2018Sun PMMarvin MungleRomans 1:13-16Paying our Debt
11 Mar 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonHebrews 11:6Faith Promise Missions Giving Commitment
9 Mar 2018ConferenceJustin CoxActs 14:1-7Go Missionary Co Missionary No Missionary
8 Mar 2018ConferenceBlake AllenJames 4:13-17Go to Now
7 Mar 2018ConferenceJarrod TunnellActs 16:8-10People need the Lord
4 Mar 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 1A Study from Galatians part 2
4 Mar 2018Sun AMClaude Sutton2 Corinthians9:1-15The Affects of Giving
28 Feb 2018PrayerGeorge SmithPhilemon 1:9Encouragement to the Ages
25 Feb 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGalatians 1A Study from Galatians part 1
25 Feb 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 14:1-9A Memorial Due to Giving
21 Feb 2018PrayerClaude SuttonHaggi 2:1-9Encouragement
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