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18 Mar 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 5:6Lessons About Jesus
14 Mar 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonLuke 11:19,Psalms 86:3Importunity
11 Mar 2018Sun PMMarvin MungleRomans 1:13-16Paying our Deb
7 Feb 2018PrayerClaude SuttonGenesis 29:15-30Service
4 Feb 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonGenesis 14:14-22The Most High God part 2
4 Feb 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonGenesis 14:14-22The Most High God part 1
31 Jan 2018PrayerJames AndersonHebrews 11:6-12Characteristics of a Pilgrim
28 Jan 2018Sun PMPhillip CrowRomans 8:12-17,31-39Mans Need of GOD
28 Jan 2018Sun AMPhillip Crow1 Timothy 4:1-6, 2 Peter 1:13I will Remember
24 Jan 2018PrayerClaude Sutton2 Chronicals 14:1-5,8-11A Prayer for Saints in Need
21 Jan 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 9:43-47It is Better to be Saved than Lost
17 Jan 2018PrayerClaude SuttonJohn 10:22It Was Winter
14 Jan 2018Sun PMClaude SuttonDaniel 1:3-6,17-20Gifted and Talented
14 Jan 2018Sun PMJosh ChildressPsalms 145_1-65 Resolutions for the New Year
14 Jan 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 28:18-20The Great Commission
10 Jan 2018PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 28:18-20The Holy Ghost
7 Jan 2018Sun PMRay Caudle JrIsaiah 56_9-12The Blind Watchmen
7 Jan 2018Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 3:21-23What Should We Do When Bad Things Happen
3 Jan 2018PrayerEddie Sutton1 Corinthians 16:1-15Yearly Consistencies
31 Dec 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonPhilippians 3:21-23Thoughts for the New Year
27 Dec 2017PrayerClaude SuttonMicah 7:2-8Just Some Thoughts
24 Dec 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonMatthew 1:21-2:2The Names of Christmas
24 Dec 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 1:1-14The Christmas Light and Lights
20 Dec 2017PrayerClaude SuttonMatthew 1Ornaments on the Lords Christmas Tree
17 Dec 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonLuke 2:25-35The Spirit of Christmas
17 Dec 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonMatthew 1:18-24A Dream Before Christmas
17 Dec 2017SingingMarvin MungleThe Mungles Singing
13 Dec 2017PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 1:57-80The Prophesy Before Christmas
10 Dec 2017Sun PMHinkle FamilySinging and Preaching
6 Dec 2017PrayerClaude SuttonLuke 1:5-20Praying Before Christmas
3 Dec 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonIsaiah 7:14Before Christmas
3 Dec 2017Sun AMClaude Sutton1 John 4:9The Uniqueness of the Onley Begotten Son
29 Nov 2017PrayerClaude Sutton1 Samuel 27:11Less they Should Tell On See
26 Nov 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonDeuteronomy 6:4The Doctrine of the Trinity part 2
26 Nov 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonDeuteronomy 6:4The Doctrine of the Trinity part 1
22 Nov 2017PrayerClaude SuttonPsalm 100:4Thankful
19 Nov 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonPsalm 26:7The Day Before Thanksgiving
19 Nov 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonPsalm 26:7, Amos 4:5, Colossians 2:7Thanksgiving
15 Nov 2017PrayerClaude SuttonActs 16:13-18I want to Pray
12 Nov 2017Sun PMEddie SuttonActs 2:41-47Traits of a Successful Church
12 Nov 2017Sun PMTony RoaNehemiah 5:16Continue On
12 Nov 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonIsaiah 54:17, Psalm 16:6Our Gooddly Heritage
8 Nov 2017PrayerClaude SuttonIsaiah 25:1I Will PraiseThy Name
5 Nov 2017Sun PMClaude Sutton1 Peter 1:15-16, Leviticus 11:44, 19:2The Holiness of God
5 Nov 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonIsaiah 40:18-28The Attributes of God
1 Nov 2017PrayerClaude SuttonMark 16:4It is Very Great
29 Oct 2017Sun PMMonty Martin2 Corinthians 3:6-18Glory to Glory
29 Oct 2017Sun AMMonty MartinExodus 28:28-29Urim and Thummim
29 Oct 2017Sun AMMonty MartinMatthew 5:14Light of the World
25 Oct 2017PrayerClaude SuttonMark 16:4It is Very Great
22 Oct 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonIsaiah 46:9The Essence or Nature of God part 2
22 Oct 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonIsaiah 46:9The Essence or Nature of God part 1
18 Oct 2017PrayerEddie SuttonIsaiah 55Jesus is all we Need
15 Oct 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonJohn 14:1The Doctrine of God part 2
15 Oct 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonJohn 14:1The Doctrine of God part 1
11 Oct 2017PrayerClaude SuttonProverbs 20:12The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye
8 Oct 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonMark 14:32A Place
7 Oct 2017ConferenceClifton MungleMen's Conference Session 6
7 Oct 2017ConferenceClifton MungleMen's Conference Session 5
7 Oct 2017ConferenceMarvin MungleMen's Conference Session 4
7 Oct 2017ConferenceMarvin MungleMen's Conference Session 3
6 Oct 2017ConferenceMarvin MungleMen's Conference Session 2
6 Oct 2017ConferenceClifton MungleMen's Conference Session 1
4 Oct 2017PrayerClaude SuttonMark 14:32-50Forsaken
1 Oct 2017Sun PMClaude SuttonMark 13:26-37The Second Coming of Christ
1 Oct 2017Sun AMClaude SuttonMark 13:1:24The Days Prior to the Tribulation
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